Monday, July 2, 2012


Good afternoon, blogosphere. I am conducting a poll today. This means you should be courteous and let me know your choices in the comment  section.


Question 1: Do you still buy actually books?

A: No, I use an e-reader
B: Yes
C: No, I get them from the library
D: No, because I don't like reading or am illiterate

Question 2: Would you get a book targeted to teens/young adults if the reviews were good?

A: No
B: No, but I might encourage others to
C: Only if it interested me
D: Yes
E: Yes, because I am a teen/young adult
F: No, because I don't like reading or am illiterate

Question 3: Which genres interest you most (you can choose more than one)?

A: Action/Adventure
B: Mystery
C: Thriller
D: Science Fiction
E: Fantasy
F: Romance
G: Historical
H: A good mix in one book
I: All of the above
J: None of the above
K: I don't like reading or am illiterate

Question 4: Which encourages you to get the book the most?

A: Good reviews
B: Good reviews from friends
C: Pure interest
D: Pure curiosity
E: Publicity
F: Money going to a good cause
G: Knowing the author or living in the same place as the author
H: All of the above
I: None of the above
J: I don't like reading or am illiterate

Question 5: How was this poll?

A: Great!
B: Worth my time...
C: Not worth my time...
D: Terrible!
E: I don't know

Thank you so much for your time, but keep in mind if you don't share your results in the comments section it is pointless!

Your ending joke: Why did the buffalo cross the road?

A: To sue the people eating at Buffalo Wild Wings (they aren't smart enough to know it's chicken)!

P.S: I only put the "don't like reading or am illiterate" choice so I didn't get angry comments telling me to respect the minority or something.


Gino said...

Hi Maria.
I didnt know you were blogging again, and i'm happy to see it.
my answers:

basically, i read what interests me, and usually this is nonfiction stuff. the last book i read, the last two actually, were first hand accounts of Navy S.E.A.L.s fighting in afghanistan.

Mr. D said...

Hi Maria,

My answers are:

B, but more C
A and G

Brian said...

Hi Maria--

J ( I tend to split my time between nonfiction, literary fiction, and comic books)

W.B. Picklesworth said...

1)B. I buy hundreds of dollars of books every year. But I can quit any time I want. Really.

2)D. Yes. I've read the Harry Potter Books and I just finished a book called, "Ender's Game" that was targeted to teens. It was very good.

3)B,D,G. I grew up on Hardy Boys books and Agatha Christie (when I got a bit older.) Science Fiction is new to me, but I like the fact that these books still tell stories. History is just amazing.

4)C and sometimes A.


I love reading and split things between books about the Bible, history books, science fiction, mysteries, "classic" novels, and miscellaneous. It gets a little ridiculous.

Dan Thome said...


R.A. Crankbait said...

1. A - but before that I got most of books from the library, and now I use the Overdrive app to get e-books from the library. (btw, I learned last week that 76% of Amazon's sabood sales were for the Kindle.)

2. C - and along with the excellent Potter and Ender's Game books (which I read as an adult) I also recommend Writer's Digest award winner "Shadow of the Reapers" by the estimable Mariah Gray, available on all electronic platforms.

3. A-E, but especially G.

4. C

5. B