Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I Plan To Do If There is an Alien Invasion, Zombie Apocalypse,or Some Other Unlikely Catastrophe

Hey minority that we often call "my readers"! I thought this would be a more entertaining way of telling you all what I'm up to rather than making a boring list.

1. Make peace with anyone holding a grudge against me (don't worry; I can't think of anyone at the moment so that must mean I'm doing all right) and pray.

2. Prepare by buying bite-proof clothes, canned food, and a ray gun. I'm sure there's one hidden in the back of Party City or Target.

3. Go over safety drills and plans with my family.

4. Call relatives and friends.

5. Finish writing my novel and bury it somewhere so perhaps a future generation can find it. I would do the same with my journal, poetry, and short stories (I will finish those if I can).

6. Finish reading The Odyssey.

7. Sew for my friends. If you are going to be locked up in your house, you might as well do something!

8. Go up into our attic. I didn't go all the way up last time.

9. Finish writing a sort-of-personal narrative thing.

10. Write a letter about myself and family to also bury for  a future generation.

11. Play my guitar and percussion instruments.

So yeah, I'm writing, reading, crafting, and making music these days. I am about to start seventh grade. A thing scarier than Texas Chainsaw Massacre will happen to me in a few months-I'll be a (gulp) teenager! Basically, though I haven't been posting much, nothing has changed.

Walk to the light
that shines
never stops, ever bright yet
hidden in the wall
so old
not seen, by all though
some see it blaze
on earth
it's them, who amaze me

I know, I know, it's really bad. But I'm out of shape poetry-wise.

Q: What do they call the Fourth of July in the south pole?
A: Inde-penguins day!

Don't forget to smell the flowers!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Good afternoon, blogosphere. I am conducting a poll today. This means you should be courteous and let me know your choices in the comment  section.


Question 1: Do you still buy actually books?

A: No, I use an e-reader
B: Yes
C: No, I get them from the library
D: No, because I don't like reading or am illiterate

Question 2: Would you get a book targeted to teens/young adults if the reviews were good?

A: No
B: No, but I might encourage others to
C: Only if it interested me
D: Yes
E: Yes, because I am a teen/young adult
F: No, because I don't like reading or am illiterate

Question 3: Which genres interest you most (you can choose more than one)?

A: Action/Adventure
B: Mystery
C: Thriller
D: Science Fiction
E: Fantasy
F: Romance
G: Historical
H: A good mix in one book
I: All of the above
J: None of the above
K: I don't like reading or am illiterate

Question 4: Which encourages you to get the book the most?

A: Good reviews
B: Good reviews from friends
C: Pure interest
D: Pure curiosity
E: Publicity
F: Money going to a good cause
G: Knowing the author or living in the same place as the author
H: All of the above
I: None of the above
J: I don't like reading or am illiterate

Question 5: How was this poll?

A: Great!
B: Worth my time...
C: Not worth my time...
D: Terrible!
E: I don't know

Thank you so much for your time, but keep in mind if you don't share your results in the comments section it is pointless!

Your ending joke: Why did the buffalo cross the road?

A: To sue the people eating at Buffalo Wild Wings (they aren't smart enough to know it's chicken)!

P.S: I only put the "don't like reading or am illiterate" choice so I didn't get angry comments telling me to respect the minority or something.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quick Advice and a Bad Joke

Hey people! I just want to give you all some quick advice this morning:

  • Don't upset the apple cart at the farmer's market, or anywhere else
  • Stay hungry, stay foolish, but don't do both at the same time by having a baconater and large fries
  • Believe in yourself, even if that is a dangerous task
  • Don't try to look stupid unless you plan to act stupid along with it (this often works with young boys)
  • Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, but if they're pacifists don't shoot at all
  • Remember the rules of the road-no one likes swearing getting out of hand since that's all TV shows
  • Just be yourself! It is the one subject the nerds pass but the popular kids fail...well that and maybe others
Read this blog!


Sorry, poet's block!


Q: How do you get kicked out of the universe?

A: If an astronaut is mad at you!

Yeah, sorry that's so bad...

See ya later!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hey, guess what...

(cue the dramatic music)

So, yeah, my apologies...but it is hard to apologize for not having anything to write about.
I know I said I was going to post stories here, but I've decided that's not the best idea. If I become a famous writer and old stories are still on this blog, who knows what would happen?

I am out of school and taking summer band. I still play percussion and guitar. I have not done anything out of the ordinary in the past few months. Boring, right?

Well, let me give you a brain teaser:

How far can a dog run into the forest?

Here's your ending joke:

Q: What did the lawyer wear to the party?

A: A lawsuit!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Listen up!

Have you ever felt like something interesting is going to happen to you soon? Well, that is how I feel right now, so keep reading my posts. Maybe I'll be wrong, maybe I'll be right. So here is a horoscope for me and all capicorns:

Keep watch behind your back, but explore new possibilities.

Well, there you go. Now, for a poem:

Skipping through the leaves,
dancing amoung the flowers,
feel the soothing summer breeze
minute, day, month and hour.

All right, I don't have much time, and I can't think of much to say about my life, so I'm going to preview something I'm starting soon. So, unscramble this word- teriosys

Okay, now for two ending jokes(Because I forgot one last time.)

Why was the baritone player kicked out of band?
Because he was always getting in treble!(trouble)

Two guys were walking, one was texting, and one was making a call. The one who was texting stopped, and went to another website. He started getting frustrated, so he threw his phon at a flock of birds. He waited a second, and then whistled to scare the birds away, as he grabbed his phone. What was he trying to do before he threw his phon to the flock of birds?

Tweeting! Pip, pip!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Knock, knock!

Hello, one and all! I would like to notify you that I am alive and well, just in case you thought I was hiding in Illinois. Oh, wait, that's those Democrats. But we don't talk about such boring stuff here on Fearless Maria. If you want that stuff, visit my dear old father's blog; he'll drone on about it for you. Here is a poem for you.

School, work, homework,what a sinner!
C'mon Maria, time for dinner.

Last line is very true. Must go before ravenous teenager stampedes up from his man cave. Please, be as thoughtful as my friend Grace and leave a comment.

Later, pals!